The Palm Beach Post: Joseph Frisbee GUILTY in Palm Beach Gardens guard murder

Just before jurors began deliberating in Joseph Frisbee’s murder trial Monday, Ellis and fellow prosecutor Alexcia Cox recounted for the jurors the brutal bludgeoning that ended up killing Novembre two months later while defense attorney James Snowden told the panel for a final time that his client had nothing to do with it.

“He probably wouldn’t have even seen their tag number,” Ellis told jurors, saying Novembre would’ve still been alive had the thieves just drove away on July 14, 2011. “He was just doing his job. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

Instead, she and Cox said, one of the assailants beat the father of five and grandfather of 11 so badly his forehead split, his skull cracked and parts of his brain were still stuck to his skull when medical examiners performed his autopsy more than two months later.

In her closing arguments, Cox said neither Kratzer nor Speigel collected a dime of the reward money.

She told jurors that despite anything Snowden had to say about the two men, they were people his client chose to have around him.

“These are his friends. They’re not our friends, they’re not your friends. The state didn’t pick these people,” Cox told jurors.

In words Ellis later echoed, Cox told jurors the fact that Novembre’s attacker went directly for his head with the shovel showed an intent not just to harm him, but to kill him.

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