Sun Sentinel: They were convicted and locked up for years. Now the innocent are getting help — from prosecutors

In June, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg announced the establishment of a conviction review unit, led by veteran prosecutor Alexcia Cox. The unit has received 15 petitions from individuals found guilty of various crimes, including murders, sex crimes, and home invasions. However, it is currently too early to determine if any of these cases merit exoneration. Claims of innocence must be supported by a sworn statement and new evidence, such as a witness recantation, a newly presented alibi, lack of DNA testing, or an arrest of a police officer involved in the case. Aronberg emphasizes the challenge of standing up for the wrongfully convicted without allowing a flood of frivolous claims based on technicalities, emphasizing the office’s commitment to correcting mistakes and preventing the punishment of innocent individuals in the future.

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